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Hi, thanks for visiting. Quarter-Pounder are Robert and Charles Peacefull. Their haunting and raw Manx ballads have been compared to artists as diverse as Will Oldham, Johnny Cash, Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen and Robert Johnson as well as more traditional Manx musicians such as MacTullough Vannin. You can find out more about Robert and Charles on the bio, and you can also listen to Quarter-Pounder songs for free, but please read the disclaimer.

This is, to our knowledge, the first Quarter-Pounder site on the net, and as such we would welcome any comments you may have (info@quarter-pounder.co.uk). Note the sometimes-distressing honesty of the bio is on the express instructions of Robert, who on his initial release from hospital was very keen to see this site established. We hope he is well enough soon to read it himself.
2006 Copyright - all tunes and imagery cannot be republished without the express permission of Quarter-Pounder.